General terms and conditions and disclaimer for reservations made until 13-03-2020
Van der Slot Invest SL trading under DeCasas Costa Blanca 

Article 1. General terms and conditions and definitions
In these General Terms and Conditions, DeCasas Costa Blanca means: Van der Slot Invest SL and any entity belonging to Van der Slot Invest SL that uses these General Terms and Conditions.

These general terms and conditions apply to a temporary rental agreement between the lessor / intermediary and the lessee of a holiday home.

Tenant: the person who rents the holiday home from the landlord for a certain time and has paid the agreed rent to the landlord.
: is the owner of the property.
Intermediary: representative of the lessor
(key manager), who makes the holiday home available to the lessee in consultation with the lessor (if applicable).
Rental agreement: agreement between the tenant and the landlord regarding the rent of a holiday home.
Rental price:
price per week, price per month or per additional overnight stay (times the number of agreed nights)
. The rental price can be increased with costs and deposit.
Down payment: the part of the rent that the tenant owes when booking to the landlord or landlord.
Deposit: amount of € 350.00 which the tenant pays the landlord in advance.
Arrival and departure time: the times agreed between tenant and landlord.

Article 2. Realization of the rental agreement
The lessor informs the tenant about the rental object, prices and conditions that are important for the realization of the rental agreement. The rental agreement is concluded after the tenant has fully completed and sent the booking on the landlord's website and after the landlord has sent confirmation of this to him.

Article 3. Payment conditions
Within 7 days after booking by the tenant, on the landlord's website, the deposit of 30% of the rent must be credited to the bank account specified by the landlord to the tenant. If the deposit has not been credited to the landlord's bank account within the specified period, the rental agreement is deemed not to have been concluded. At least 42 days before the start of the rental date of the holiday home, the full rental price must be transferred to the landlord's account. If this is not met, the right to rent the holiday home will lapse, subject to the provisions of Article 9.

Article 4. Costs
If costs are applicable in addition to the rent, this will be stated on the landlord's website . Use of water is already included in the rent. For electricity use up to the amount of 50 kWh per week is included. If it appears that there is an additional consumption of electricity, the additional costs of € 0.28 per kWh will be charged to the tenant. For rentals longer than 1 month, the settlement is at the end of each rented month, for rentals shorter than 1 month this is at the end of the rental period.

Article 5. Standard cleaning costs and deposit
The deposit (€ 350.00) must be credited to the landlord's bank account 1 week prior to moving into the holiday home. The deposit will be refunded to his bank account within a week of leaving the rental property. All this after deduction of any costs of damage caused, defects and / or loss or extra consumption of energy as stated in these conditions and in the price overview on the website, or extra cleaning costs.

Article 6.
Rental periods
Departure and / or arrival date in the high season and during holiday periods must be a maximum of 2 days before or after an already booked rental period, or the intermediate period must be at least 1 week.
 In high season and during holiday periods, the first booked rental period serves as the starting date for subsequent or previous bookings.

Winter rental is on request. Minimum rental period in the winter is 3 weeks, with the exception of a shorter, available intervening period that falls between two rental periods, or falls directly after an already booked rental period.
Once the reservation request has been received, it will become definitive after approval by DeCasas Costa Blanca. You will receive a confirmation email about this in the short term.

Article 7. Obligations of the landlord
The landlord shall ensure that the holiday home is made available to the tenant in good condition at the agreed time of arrival and in accordance with the booking confirmation.

Article 8. Obligations of the tenant

The age of the main tenant must be at least 28 years.

Upon arrival at the holiday home
the tenant is obliged to inspect the house and the immediate surroundings for any unsafe situations. If in the opinion of the tenant there is an unsafe situation, he will immediately inform the landlord / key manager. The tenant will give the lessor / key manager reasonable time to settle the situation.

Overnight stays are permitted in the holiday home up to the number of persons stated on the landlord's website. Only the specifically named persons who are specified by the tenant when booking are entitled to spend the night in the holiday home. Accommodation of visitors is only permitted after prior permission from the landlord or his intermediary and payment of an additional rent to be agreed upon.

It is not permitted to admit persons to the holiday home, other than the tenant and any persons or friends, acquaintances or family designated by him. The tenant is responsible for all persons mentioned.

Subletting the apartment is not permitted.

In the event of a violation of the above provisions, the rental agreement will be terminated with immediate effect and access to the holiday home will be refused. Tenant remains due the full rent. After termination of the agreement, the landlord or landlord is entitled to rent out the rented property directly to another party.

Furthermore, it is not permitted to open enclosed spaces. When leaving the holiday home, also for a short time, the holiday home must be closed completely. In the event of theft or loss as a result of non-compliance, the tenant will be held liable for the entire damage. Smoking is not allowed in the holiday home. In the event of a fire due to negligence, the tenant will be held liable for the damage.

The tenant is obliged to grant access to the house or terrace for necessary repairs and maintenance.

Noise pollution
In order to contribute to the general harmony of the Altea La Nova urbanization, excessive noise is not permitted.

Smoking indoors is not permitted.
Smoking is only permitted on the outside terraces.
In case of violation of these rules, the deposit will not be refunded due to professional cleaning costs.

Not allowed.

Article 9. Arrival and departure from the holiday home
Arrival and departure will take place on the arrival and departure dates as stated in the booking confirmation.

Arrival of the tenant is allowed between 4:00 PM and 9:00 PM. Departure must take place before 10 a.m. and the key must then be returned.
After this you can still use the swimming pool.

Upon arrival, the tenant checks the holiday home and the surrounding area to see if it is safe in its opinion (see article 7).

Upon arrival, the tenant himself checks whether the holiday home and inventory are complete and undamaged. If something is damaged or missing, the tenant must report this to the key manager / landlord within 24 hours of arrival. This will do its utmost to repair or replace or supplement it.

The expected time of departure must be timely communicated by the tenant to the key manager / landlord. After departure, the key manager / lessor checks the complete inventory. If it is incomplete or damaged, these will be deducted from the deposit. If the tenant did not mention defects, damage or lack of inventory when moving into the property, no objection can be made about what was found by the key manager / landlord.
If the departure time takes place before 10 a.m., the keys to the house and garage are placed in the letterbox at the house. All this in consultation with the lessor / key manager.

The holiday home must be neatly delivered by the tenant after the stay. Crockery with accessories is put back clean in the cupboards. food and food waste and other waste are deposited in the designated waste containers and the inside and outside floors are vacuumed. Moved furniture must be returned to its original location. Towels and beach towels must be washed by the tenant during the stay and not stored wet, with the exception of the day of departure. If the tenant does not leave the property tidy the landlord is entitled to charge additional costs to be determined. The last used towels and bed linen must be collected on the floor in the hall. Damage, defects or missing items must be reported immediately by the tenant to the key manager / landlord.

Article 10. Termination or modification of the tenancy agreement by the tenant
The tenant cannot make changes to a booking made other than after consultation with and approval of the landlord.

In the event of total or partial cancellation of the booking of the stay in the holiday home or termination of the lease by the tenant, no refund will be made of the rent. This regardless of whether the cancellation occurs before or during the stay. In the case of a later employment or premature termination of the stay in the holiday home, the full rent remains due.

Article 11. Termination or modification of the lease by the lessor
The lessor can terminate or change the lease in the following cases:
a. In the event of the tenant failing to pay the rent (in time).
b. force majeure, war, strike, natural disaster, extraordinary weather conditions, fire, death of landlord or their immediate family. In this case, all amounts paid by the tenant for overnight stays that have not yet expired will be returned to the tenant within 30 days of the termination of the lease.
c. due to circumstances of such a nature that the rental of the holiday home becomes impossible, such as: theft of inventory, vandalism at the holiday home and the unauthorized admission of persons as described in Article 7. If this is due to the tenant, amounts paid for overnight stays that have not yet expired will not be returned.

The lessor is not liable for any damage that the tenant suffers as a result of the termination of the agreement.

Article 12. Liability and right
The landlord
cannot be held liable in any way for :
a. Theft, loss or damage, of any nature whatsoever, that happened to the tenant during or as a result of the rental of and the stay in the rented holiday home .
b. the disabling or disabling of technical equipment in the holiday home, temporary outages or disruptions of water and / or energy management, road and / or construction work in the vicinity of the holiday home.
c. damage, injury or disease as a result of the use of the holiday home, including inventory, or accidents and damage in and around the holiday home and the Altea La Nova complex.

The tenant
and co-users are
jointly and severally liable for all loss and / or damage to the rented property and the inventory thereof, regardless of whether this is the result of acts or omissions of the tenant or third parties who are in or around the rented property with the tenant's permission. vacation rental. In the event of incorrect use or incorrect abandonment of the rented property, the costs will be charged to the tenant. The landlord will endeavor to provide correct information to the tenant, but is not liable for unexpected errors and / or omissions in the information provided.
The tenant and co-users are jointly and severally liable for damage they inflict in and to the community / community Altea la Nova and damage resulting from improper use of installations, etc.

All disputes between tenant and landlord are subject to Spanish law.

Article 13. Complaints
All complaints relating to the use of the holiday home must be immediately submitted by the tenant to the landlord. The tenant will give the lessor sufficient opportunity and cooperation to resolve the complaint within a reasonable time.

If found defects or a complaint cannot be resolved on site with the key manager / landlord, the tenant must contact the landlord as soon as possible. The latter will endeavor to resolve the complaint as quickly as possible and to the satisfaction of the tenant.

If the complaint cannot be satisfactorily resolved, it must be submitted by the tenant in writing and with reasons to the lessor within 8 days.

Article 14. Liability
Landlord can never be held liable for more than the agreed rent.

The house rules of the Association of Owners of Altea la Nova also apply.


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